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High-Quality European4G Dedicated Proxies

Get Ultra-stable Mobile Proxies with Unlimited IP Rotations and 100% Clean IPs — Specially
designed to meet your needs: data scraping, browser automation, travel aggregation, SEO.

Compatible with the software you use the most.

Why do you need

We provide a lots of incredible features that you will need!

Multi Protocol

Our proxies are compatible with HTTPS and SOCKS5 protocols. No matter which software solution you use, our proxies will adapt to your needs.

IP Rotation

We know how often our customers need to change IPs, that's why we provide both a large IP range and several rotation methods: Automatic, API, or Manual.

IP Authentication

Not a fan of the User:Password login? No problem, we offer IP authentication! Simply add your IP address or that of your VPS in our dashboard.

Fast Proxies Speed

Located in a big city, you will enjoy a speed around 15 mbps and a ping less than 900ms.

High Trust-Score

Always have an excellent trust-score, reCaptcha will never bother you, browse internet with serenity.

Various ISP

We offer most of the French Internet Service Providers (Free Mobile, Orange, and SFR).

A Beautiful Dashboard

How to work easily with an efficient dashboard, find all your proxies, place an order in two clicks, monitor your proxies, or contact us for support tasks, don't wait and create an account.

We also work on a new version of our dashboard that should be released in the coming months. Read more.

“A really impressive dashboard, simple and powerful I love it!” Dashboard

What Our Customers Say About Us?

We have been doing our best to satisfy our customers since August 2019.

the best 4G proxy in the market

I have been working with Hype for almost a year. 100% satisfied with the service ! thank you guys

Ahmed Jsoft
By Ahmed Jsoft
June 25, 2022

Very happy with the support

Very happy with the support, they are always attentive and willing to help me :)

Armando David Calvano
By Armando David Calvano
May 13, 2022

Super fast and efficient service

Super fast and efficient service I highly recommend them even the support is reactive what a pleasure to work with competent people

Alonzo Beneto
By Alonzo Beneto
August 27, 2021

Actually really good proxies

Actually really good proxies. And the best support!

Petr Váňa
By Petr Váňa
July 20, 2021

The team is super and the service is also good.

The team is super - fast and responsive. I like their service, but there are some improvements they can do to be the best in this sphere. The only problem we had before is limited bandwidth, but as they are very responsive, my problem was solved very fast. So, I strongly recommend Hypeproxy! Thank You guys.

Team AMF
By Team AMF
May 6, 2021

Thank you

Thank you! Everything is super!

Вадим Хасанов
By Вадим Хасанов
June 25, 2020

After relative Google research

After relative google research, we chose for a 4g proxy server need. Allow me to say that these guys were half the price of competition on premium 4g proxy server plans. It's always a pleasure to support new professionals in the industry that really charge for a premium service half the price of "premium" vendors. Cheers!

Sarantopoulos Panagiotis
By Sarantopoulos Panagiotis
April 18, 2020

Very Useful!

HypeProxy it's very reliable provider... The features are very clever and easy to use. I recommend.

Claire Martin
By Claire Martin
April 8, 2020


Excellent ! It will be hard to find a more trust-worthy proxy provider in France. I've been working with HypeProxy for a few Instagram accounts, it's been working like a charm. Kudos to Clint and Quentin.

Phil France Martinez
By Phil France Martinez
April 3, 2020

How Our Customers Use

We have so many possible uses, we are sure they will match with you.


Keep growing your communities by automating actions.

Data Scraping

Extract data from web sites seamlessly and with zero blocks.

Real Estate Data

Book or compare rooms / apartments prices online before anyone else.

Travel Aggregation

Compare prices and get an immediate competitive advantage.

Sales & E-Commerce

Adapt your pricing in real time and lead the sales game in your market.

Sneakers Bots

Upgrade your Sneakers retail game without limitations or restrictions.

Ad Verification

Forget about limitations of local markets and overpriced advertisement.

SEO Uses

Test your ads at different locations around the world and much more.

Frequently asked questions

Here are the most common questions and how we answer them.

What is your proxies location ?
For the moment our first proxies bay is located in a tourist area of southern France.
How many accounts can I run on a single proxy ?
We recommend to use between 8 and 10 accounts per proxy.
Which sites can I access with your proxies ?
We don't block any sites, you can acces to Instagram, Facebook, Linkedin, Pinterest...
Is the proxies connections fast ?
The connections of our proxies are very fast approximately 35mbps to 50mbps and 700ms to 2500ms response time.
My clients aren't French, can I use your proxies anyway?
Sure, Instagram doesn't currently take in consideration the IP geolocation if the connexion is made from a mobile IP.
What is your proxies uptime ?
Sure, Instagram doesn't currently take in consideration the IP geolocation if the connexion is made from a mobile IP.

Want to Try our Proxies?

Do you want to try our products? Directly apply for a 24h trial by sending us a message on our livechat, no credit cards needed.