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Static Residential Proxies


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Static residential IP address which will not change throughout your subscription. High trust score from top-tier ISP with clean IPs, 0% fraud score, and no SPAM reports history.

  • No Bandwidth limitation, use as much data as you need.
  • Lifetime Static IP address all along your subscription.
  • High connexion speed (up to 300mbps) and high stability.

Price per proxy

3,4 € / month

How much proxy do you want to order?

Payment Period
  • Instant delivery after purchase

  • Refund on 48 hours if not satisfied

  • No commitment, cancel at any time.

Why Do You Need Static Residential Proxy?

Use our residential proxies for all kind of tasks : botting, automation, accounts creation...

Trusted ISPs

We only provide high quality IP addresses, with well known and top-tier ISPs like AT&T & Verizon.

Lifetime Ownership

Keep your IP address as long as your subscription is active, be sure that it will not change for any reason.

Unlimited Bandwidth

Enjoy unmetered bandwidth and use as much data as you need without any kind of limitations.

That's huge!

Static residential proxies are the best deal in terms of trust and price.

If you want to go further, chat with us.

Frequently Asked Questions

Available Carriers


Multi Protocol

Our proxies are compatible with HTTPS and SOCKS5 protocols. No matter which software you use, our proxies will adapt.

IP Authentication

Not a fan of the User:Password login? No problems, simply allow your IP address in your proxy settings.

Fast Proxies Speed

Our proxy infrastructure is hosted on powerful servers, the average connexion speed is between 150-500mbps.

High Trust-Score

Our subnets only contains residential clean trusted IPs with 0% fraud score and no SPAM reports history.

Static IP Address

Like a real residential internet router would do, keep the same IP day by day as long as you require.

Real Residential IPs

We are only using top-tier residential ISP, your proxy will be detected as Fixed Line ISP, (MOB) Mobile ISP.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I try your proxies before buying?

Yes! You can request a 24h trial by sending us a message on our live chat.

What payment methods do you accept?

You can pay using credit cards or cryptocurrencies.

How long does it take to receive my product after payment?

Once the payment is confirmed, the proxy will be immediately available in your dashboard.

Can I get a discount for a proxy?

To check if a promotion is currently running, join our telegram announcement channel here.

Can I choose my ISP?

Yes! You can select the proxy ISP during the purchase process.

How long can I keep my IP?

You can keep your proxy bound to a specific residential IP as long as you need.

Is there any bandwidth limit?

We do not limit bandwidth or concurrent connexions.

Do you resell other provider services? has its own data center located in France. We do not resell any service.

Do you offer bulk discounts?

Yes! For orders between 1 and 10 proxies, the unit price is 4.20€, for orders between 11 and 100 proxies the unit price is 3.80€, and for orders below 101 proxies, the unit price is 3.40€. Do you need a larger quantity? Contact us in our live chat!

Do you have an affiliation program?

Our affiliation program is on our roadmap but not available yet. If you are interested contact us on our live chat for pre-inscription.

How many simultaneous connections can I have?

We do not limit concurent connections.

Can I integrate with 3rd party software?

Yes! You can use our proxy in almost all software that supports proxy.

What proxy protocols are you supporting?

Our proxies are compatible with HTTPS and SOCKS protocols.

How does proxy authentication work?

You can access our residential proxies via two different types of authentication: username:password or IP whitelist.

Do you have any blocked sites?

Yes, some sites were blocked due to forbidden targets or fraudulent activities. If you want to check if a specific website is blocked before buying, send us a message on our live chat!

Do you have technical support?

Yes, we have. You can contact us on our live chat, by mail, or by opening a ticket from your dashboard. Response time could be from 3 minutes to several hours. All your questions will be answered.

Is your proxy IPv4 or IPv6?

Our proxies are IPv4 proxies.

Can I use your proxies on social networks?

Yes! Our proxies are perfect for social media management or social media automation (Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, Youtube, Twitter, quora, and Reddit…)

Can I use your proxies for game botting?

Yes! Our proxy has a stable connexion and a low ping, perfect for game botting.

Can I use your proxies on streaming platforms?

Yes! Our proxy can support video streaming without latency.

Want to Try our Proxies?

Do you want to try our products? Directly apply for a 24h trial by sending us a message on our livechat, no credit cards needed.