Common Questions

Retrieve the frequently asked questions.


What is your proxies location ?

For the moment our first proxies bay is located in a tourist area of southern France.

How many accounts can I run on a single proxy ?

We recommand to use between 8 and 10 accounts per proxy.

Which sites can I access with your proxies ?

We don't block any sites, you can acces to Instagram, Facebook, Linkedin, Pinterest...

Is the proxies connections fast ?

The connections of our proxies are very fast approximately 35mbps to 50mbps and 700ms to 2500ms response time.

My clients aren't French, can I use your proxies anyway?

Sure, Instagram doesn't currently take in consideration the IP geolocation if the connexion is made from a mobile IP.

What is your proxies uptime ?

We have an average uptime of 99.7% on the last 3 months. The uptime is one of our highest priority !