United States of America

One of the most prized locations for IP's quality.

  • High TrustScore on most sites worldwide.
  • Good overall speed and bandwidth performance.
  • A large number of IP addresses.

We care about the protection of your data. Read our Privacy Policy.

Why use Proxies Based in USA?

It's not just because everybody loves France but a bit anyway.

Located in North America

Therefore they have a good reputation without even mentioning mobile proxies.

High SLA & Performance

Hosted in our Datacenter, under video surveillance and AC, you will never experience outages.

Fast Proxies Speed

Located in a big city, you will enjoy a speed around 15 mbps and a ping less than 900ms.

High Trust-Score

Always have an excellent trust-score, reCaptcha will never bother you, browse internet with serenity.

Cheaper than Others

We are about 40% cheaper than the rest of the market – While keeping fully-dedicated proxies.

Various ISP

We offer most of the US Internet Service Providers (AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile etc).

A Plenty of US IP Addresses

We offer several ISPs (such as AT&T, Verizon or T-Mobile) which allows us to provide several million IP addresses and an almost unlimited IP rotation, this diversity of offers and IP addresses has greatly contributed to the reputation of HypeProxy.io.

  • Virtually Unlimited IP Rotation.
  • The possibility to choose your ISP.
  • Always a clean IP Address.

Available Carriers:


Perfect Stealth & Trust

Tired of seeing "are you a robot?" don't worry, you'll never see them again by using our proxies. We have one of the best trust scores on the market, especially using our Mobile Proxies.

  • No more captcha, bots recognition or banning.
  • Always a clean IP Address.
  • High Trust-Score on social networks.

Want to Try our Proxies?

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